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Thank you for participating in the first research survey of The Customer Success Management Initiative.

Early in 2012, we’re planning to do a webinar and publish a white paper on the first results.  The survey, and the general research and individual interviews, however, will continue.  Briefings and Reports will be periodically published on the Initiative’s progress.   There will also be more articles here on The HotLine Magazine about various aspects of the strategy, process, people and technology of what more and more looks like an emerging new profession.

 So that updates can go out to the growing community about research findings and items of specific interest, two mailing lists are being established.  Each list will be used no more than once per month, if that — and you will always have the option of unsubscribing at any time if your interests change.  The lists will not be given to anyone else.  To join either of these lists, please sign up for a (free) Basic Membership.

The discussion of Customer Success topics, as well as related issues in SaaS/Cloud customer retention, enhancing per-customer revenues and support, will continue in The Customer Success Management Forum on LinkedIn.  Click here for more information about The Forum, and/or to join.

If you would like to have an interview with Mikael Blaisdell about your survey response, please schedule an appointment for a complimentary Office Hours session by using the form above, or by calling (510) 865-4515 during business hours Pacific Time Monday-Friday.

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