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Here is where you will find various kinds of resources, including previously published print articles, case studies, white papers, recorded webinars and other presentations.  Access to these member materials is free, but requires visitors to be logged in.

Case Studies

The case studies listed here have been developed from various types of consulting projects completed over the years by Mikael Blaisdell & Associates Inc.  The Case Study Overview page gives a brief description of the client type and the nature of the engagement for all of the studies.  The individual case study pages provide detailed information about the Client type, Concern, the Process of the engagement, Findings and the Recommendations that were given in the engagement Report.  To access individual case studies, please be sure you have first logged-in and then click on either the name of the specific study on the Overview page, or in the listing in Column 3.

Published Articles

Engineering vs. Support: How To Play The Game.  First published in the premier issue of Customer Support Management Magazine in 1997, this article talks about how savvy Support managers and executives can go about changing the relationship between Support and Engineering/Development.  More than a decade later, the article has useful information that can make a difference in today’s companies — for those willing to take a leadership role.

SaaS, Cloud Computing & The Redefinition of Customer Support.  Initially published as the first of a series by SupportWorld, the magazine of The Help Desk Institute, in the July/August 2010 issue, this article identifies issues and challenges confronting both external and internal Customer Support professionals alike.  Access is limited to Members of The HotLine Magazine (Free registration and log-in required.)