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The true value in every professional conference or event is found in the opportunity to interact freely with other members of the community, to exchange insights, ideas and especially good questions.  This networking is vitally important to the success of individuals and their companies as well — and to the furtherance of the profession itself.

The conversation here at The HotLine Magazine may appear to be mostly one way, from site to reader, but there is much more to it than that.  The ideas, concepts and practices here come out of many individual and group interactions at various conferences, events and online discussions.  Articles published here are the subject of continuing exchanges in our group networking area hosted on

The Customer Success Management Forum

Founded in early 2009 as The SaaS & Support Forum, the LinkedIn group has since been renamed The Customer Success Management Forum to serve the needs of an emerging and fast-growing new profession of its own.  The members are from all over the world, and range from CEOs and CxOs to practicing customer success managers.

For more information about The Customer Success Management Initiative research, or to participate yourself, please click here.

The discussions about SaaS & Support have not gone away, however.  The work of The SaaS & Support Project is continuing, exploring the significant changes in the definition and practice of customer support in the SaaS/Cloud era.

To access the Customer Success Management Forum, you will need to have a LinkedIn profile.  There is no charge for creating an individual profile, and there are many benefits from having and maintaining one.  To reach the Forum, click here, or login to your LinkedIn account and then search the Groups area for “Customer Success Management.”  Participation in the CSM Forum is open to all interested professionals.

The Forum

While the online world is available worldwide and around the clock, there is still a lot of value in face to face meetings.  The HotLine Magazine is working with a number of technology companies to prepare and present specific events in key local areas.  If you are interested in being a part of this effort, please contact Mikael Blaisdell.  To receive invitations to specific events, please join The HotLine Magazine at the Basic (free) level, and sign up for either The Customer Success Management List or The SaaS & Support List.  Announcements of upcoming events will also be posted in The Customer Success Management Forum on LinkedIn.

Among the topics to be discussed in The Forum events will be the results of the ongoing research into the development of Customer Success Management as a profession and the changes brought to the definition and practice of Customer Support in the SaaS/Cloud era.

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