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“The SaaS & Support Project Report provides by far the most comprehensive data we’ve seen on SaaS support benchmarks and metrics, but perhaps even more valuable is Mikael’s candid and insightful analysis of what’s going on in this emerging corner of the support world. Some of his observations are frankly a bit depressing; others will make you sit up and say ‘Aha!’ Either way, this is a report that’s bound to get you thinking.” Jeffrey Tarter, Executive Director; Association of Support Professionals

The Research

The research of The SaaS & Support Project began in early 2006 with interviews of executives, managers and key players at all levels of the then-fledgling SaaS entities, and has continued since.  In the fall of 2009, a comprehensive online questionnaire was opened to gather data in a number of pertinent strategic and operational areas of concern.  Sponsored by the Association of Support Professionals (ASP), the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) and, responses were received from a wide variety of SaaS-only, hybrid and traditional-model companies that were intentionally moving towards the launch of their own SaaS-based applications.

The Report

At the end of 2009, the first Report of the Project was published to the respondents and to the members of the sponsoring professional associations.  It is now available via The Customer Success Library.  [http://customersuccessassociation]

TSSP Report 2009 Contents

  • Origins
  • Executive Summary
  • Key Assumptions
    • The Different Profits-Realization Strategy
    • Product As A Relationship
    • The Importance of Ownership of the Customer Relationship
    • The Effect of  the Move to the Cloud Upon the Support Burden
  • Focal Points of the Research
    • Revenue Conduits & Customer Retention
    • Ownership of the Customer Relationship
    • The Quality of Customer Support
    • Organizing for Success
  • Methodology
  • The Research: Questions & Findings
    • StrategicFindings
      • Revenue Conduits
      • Minimum Required Contract Duration
      • Designated Owners
      • Retention data
      • Departure Drivers
    • ProcessFindings
      • Operational Hours
      • Access Channels
      • Case Volumes by Access Channels
      • Case Categories and Volumes
      • Contact Center Process Mgmt Metrics
      • Customer Satisfaction Measurement
      • Social Media, Community & Self-Support
      • The Role of the Channel in Customer Support
    • PeopleFindings
      • Support as a Distinct Dept.
      • Ownership of Support
      • Support Staffing Levels
      • The Structure of the Support Team
      • Corollary Duties
      • Time to Competency and the Training Inventory
      • Turnover
      • Support Staff Performance Metrics
    • TechnologyFindings
      • Access Channel Management Technologies
      • Case-Incident Management Technologies
      • Integration of Tools & Systems
  • Commentary
  • Observations

“What I really like is that the 2009 Report is not a dry collection of numbers: It’s an *expert* document based on the insights of a knowledgeable advisor. I just wish more people created this kind of analysis.”   Jeffrey Tarter, Executive Director: ASP