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The SaaS tsunami has had profound impacts upon the software industry, and the effects of the change are far from being over.  While companies continue the race to gain market share and to fight off competitors in acquiring as many new customers as possible in the shortest amount of time, it’s what happens after the initial contract is signed that will be the critical factor of long-term corporate success.  Both parties to the subscription agreement make significant investments; the vendor to acquire the customer, the customer to learn and adopt the application —  and neither party profits unless the relationship continues and extends.

Sales in the high technology industry is an art and a science.  So is what comes after, the continuance and deepening of the customer relationship.  Service, Support, Satisfaction — and the ultimate factor of retention: Customer Success.  A new era has begun; it’s time for a new approach.  Facilitating and extending that conversation is the purpose of The SaaS Support Forum ™.

A Conversation about Success in SaaS

Here on The HotLine Magazine, you’ll find a variety of articles, white papers and other resources about what happens after the customer-company relationship is initiated.  You’re welcome to comment on anything here by using the Comment icons, or through either the Contact or Ask A Question pages.  For interactive discussion, we’re created a separate Forum on

The SaaS Support Forum will be managed by a team led by Mikael Blaisdell, Publisher of The HotLine Magazine.  While the main audience for the  Forum are the members of SaaS company boards and senior management teams, the resource is open to all interested technology professionals.  (A LinkedIn membership and profile is required in order to access the Forum or to post comments in it; there is no cost for the membership or for participation in the Forum.)  All who post comments in the discussions are fully identified by name, company affiliation and title.

Joining The SaaS Support Forum

If you already have established a free LinkedIn profile & basic membership, follow this link [ ] to request admittance to TSSF. You may also send an email to Mikael Blaisdell, requesting admission.   If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, here is a link to the starting point at