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The customer  Contact Center Management Technology industry has evolved significantly over the years, growing in power and scope.  At the beginning of the customer support profession, each department had to create their own resources, which produced a range of “homebrew” tools and technologies.  Some of these creations went on to become commercial products themselves.  Business application software companies, becoming aware of the new market, began to design and create products specifically for it.

Now the contact center technology sector is undergoing another major transition, along with the rest of the software industry, as it migrates from the traditional on-premise perpetual-licensing strategy over to the SaaS/Cloud business model.  The profession, role and practice of Customer Support is being redefined as well, as The SaaS & Support Project research has revealed.  The shift is a powerful one, touching every aspect of strategy, process, people and technology.

As the redefined profession matures and becomes about responsible ownership of the ongoing customer relationship and enhanced mutual profitability, what will be required from its tools and methodologies?  Which new metrics must be tracked and understood in order to succeed?  The traditional “Tech-Support” model of simple Break/Fix operations is rapidly passing.  What will the future of the profession, and of the center technology industry that serves it, look like?

Mikael Blaisdell & Associates have been closely involved in the customer contact center management technology sector since 1980, and have developed some specific consulting services to address the needs of both the vendors and their customers.  Coverage of this sector is an important theme for The HotLine Magazine.


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