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For The Profession of Cloud/SaaS Product Support

Mikael Blaisdell & Associates have been involved with vendors and customers of the contact center management technology sector since its beginning, and have developed some specific services to address the needs of both.  Our work with customers to identify, select and implement center technologies has built a substantial depth of expertise in all facets of the purchasing and deployment process.  At the same time, we have worked with the technology companies themselves to do market research, design product and upgrade feature & functionality sets, advise on channel development, create support groups and to write reviews, commentary and white papers on all aspects of the industry.

As the center technology industry continues its acceleration into the SaaS/Cloud model, Mikael Blaisdell & Associates are uniquely positioned to offer substantial assistance to companies as they transition their business models, products and organizations, and in marketing/lead generation, and strategic positioning.  An excellent source of detailed information about what companies are doing as they move into the SaaS/Cloud sector may be found in the Reports of The SaaS & Support Project. Specific marketing services include:

  • Writing white papers, articles and product reviews
  • Webinar and professional conference presentations
  • Sponsorship opportunities for research projects
  • In-depth product analysis/evaluation
  • Market research engagements

To discuss what we can offer to accelerate the growth of your company and market, please call or email.  To review a specific case study, please follow this link(Free registration as a HotLine member and login required for full access.)

The SaaS & Support Project began a series of online research surveys and in-depth follow-up interviews in 2009, producing a ground-breaking Report at the end of the year. The work of the Project continues with the introduction of further online research and direct analysis with a range of companies.