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Taming the Technology Challenge

You’ve determined that your customer contact center needs a new phone switch, or a case-management system, or a knowledgebase engine, community forum/interface or other piece of support technology. Now the “fun” begins. Which one of the bewildering array of available products will be the best for your company and operation? Should you go with a traditional on-premised system, an open source entry, or turn to a Software as a Service vendor?  What functionality will you need in the future in order to authentically run your center on a P&L basis?  How do you avoid expensive surprises? Will you and your team be able to get any work done at all in the midst of the calls from the vendors’ sales teams? How will you know what’s reasonable when it comes to the pricing? At what point does a good deal become too good? What are the pitfalls of the implementation and integration phase, and how can you minimize their impact? How long will it really take before the new tool is fully up and running?

Professional Counsel

Most professional contact center managers will go through a major vendor/technology selection process only once or twice in their careers, and will have the scars to show for it. However, this is our business, and we’ve developed a detailed process and skill-set to handle it. We know the players in the industry, for we work with them all the time. We know where the risk points are, and how to guide our clients safely through them. We know the difference between the initial price quote and the “best and final offer” that comes at the end of a well-run process. Perhaps best of all, the sales teams call us instead of adding unnecessarily to your workload. Once the decision has been made, we can help to prepare you so that the implementation fees stay reasonable. Our job is to make sure that you ask all the right questions and to help you make sense of the answers. We’ll smoothly take you through the steps of the process from beginning to end.

For more information about how your company’s Customer Support/Services Contact Center Technology suite resources can be extended and optimized, please join us for a complimentary consultation during Office Hours.

Relevant Case Studies

Abselon:  Recognizing that their existing computer and phone infrastructure was insufficient to support a new consolidated support center, Abselon retained MB&A to assess the operation, prepare the system requirements documentation, to identify potential product and vendor candidates and to manage the project through the RFP and demonstration phases. In the process, we helped Abselon to realize savings of over $750,000 USD. (Pennsylvania, USA)

China-Electric:  A provincial electric company had 16 regional sub-stations and a central headquarters. Each substation had a different data-set format for customer records, and the company wanted to be able to monitor and back-up all of them at the HQ center for disaster recovery purposes.MB&A consultants assisted with the research and preparation of the system requirements document and implementation project plan. (People’s Republic of China)


Mikael Blaisdell and the company offer a range of services to the vendors of various kinds of customer support / contact center technologies.  We always disclose any vendor connections that may in any way pose the appearance or actuality of conflict of interest scenarios to our clients, and we never solicit or accept any form of commissions or other compensation from vendors for sales of products under any circumstances.