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For The Profession of Cloud/SaaS Product Support

In the high-stakes market of SaaS/Cloud business technology, it’s no longer enough to just get a signature on the initial contract.  It can take a year or even more before the deal becomes profitable.  The dynamics and intimacies of the on-demand sales process are changing.  There is no guarantee of retention in expressions of customer satisfaction.  You can’t assume your customer base will continue to be loyal; there is too much at risk. In the face of ever-increasing competition, companies must go beyond the traditional sales approach to proactively manage, ensure and prove the success their products bring to customers.  A new profession is emerging: Customer Success Management.

How should your new Customer Success Management role and team be chartered and measured?  At what intervals and in what ways should the vital interactions with the customers take place for best results?  What metrics need to be in place to recognize an at-risk relationship in time to intervene?  How should the team be recruited, trained and deployed for maximum effectiveness?  Which technologies need to be available to them?  And what are other companies, including your competition, doing about CSM?   To answer these and other core questions, we have built an Assessment procedure that provides actionable data and recommendations.

A Customer Success Management Assessment is an independent view of your company’s CSM strategy, process, organization and technology.  Conducted by a veteran industry analyst and management consultant, and drawing upon the results of the only industry-wide research into the emerging profession and practices of Customer Success Management, the CSM Assessment is an in-depth analysis of the current-state strengths and challenges of your overall program.  Issues are assessed and prioritized.  Options are identified and evaluated.   The result is a written Report and an executive Briefing of findings and specific recommendations, and a foundation for effective action.

To explore what a Customer Retention QuickStat could mean for your company, please join us for a complimentary Office Hours conversation.