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The Customer Retention QuickStat

“It’s what you don’t know about your customer relationships that can cause you to lose them.”

In the crucial race to build market share for your SaaS/Cloud company, to find new customers and close them, it’s all too easy to fall into assumptions about what happens after the initial contract with a customer is signed.  It’s what you don’t know about your customer relationships that can cause you to lose them.  The unfortunate, and unnecessary, result is at best, unrealized profits; at worst, even damage to your brand.

A Foundation for Action

A Customer Retention QuickStat ™ is a fresh and independent view of your company’s strategy, process, organization and technology for retaining customer relationships and maximizing per-customer profitability.  It’s a rapid assessment of the current-state strengths and weaknesses of the income-stream connection with your customers.

Strategy:  What are the optimum customer profiles and engagement pattern-maps?  What percentage of your current customer base might be considerd at risk?  What are the possible departure drivers that might come into play?

Process: Where are the touch-points post-sale?  Which communication channels are used for what purpose?  At what intervals, and with what effects?

People:  Who is authentically responsible for maintaining and maximizing the customer relationships in your company?  What are the incentives, and where are they applied?

Technology:  What are your tools for understanding customer engagement and reacting to changes?

Conducted by a veteran industry analyst and management consultant, the QuickStat procedure includes two days of on-site interviews with the senior management team and key personnel, analysis of existing data and the methodology used to produce it.  A sampling of customers will also be interviewed.   Issues are assessed and prioritized.  Options are identified and evaluated.   The result is a written Report and an executive Briefing of findings and specific recommendations; a foundation for effective action.

To explore what a Customer Retention QuickStat could mean for your company, please join us for a complimentary Office Hours [1] conversation.