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Every day, in too many companies, valuable customer relationships are being put at risk through confusion, inefficiency and disconnects between the Strategy, Process, People and Technology aspects of the customer contact center on one side, and misalignment with the overall profits-realization model of the company on the other. What MB&A offers is the ability to use the “big picture” to bring all of the details into harmony.

From Cost Center to Profitability Engine

Mikael Blaisdell & Associates have been analyzing, designing, building and re-engineering effective customer contact and relationship management centers for technology manufacturers for many years.  We know the strategy, process, structure, people and technology of support and service, and how to migrate old-style cost-center groups into modern retention and revenue generators.

The Effective Customer Contact Center

Optimizing a customer contact center begins with a thorough Assessment.  The deliverable is a Report, defining the Current-State of the center and providing actionable recommendations for operational improvement.  The next step is the preparation of a Future-State view, identifying options for revenue enhancement, to significantly increase the return on the investment the company has made in the center and its team.  The blueprint created in this phase will describe the procedure for transitioning the department to where it can be managed as an authentic profit center, generating strategic-level profits for the company.  The final phase is guiding the execution of the plan.

For more information on how MB&A can assist you to optimize your customer contact center resources to increase your overall sustainable profitability level and customer retention, please join us for a complimentary Office Hours discussion.