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A company’s customer contact center is the vital bridge between the corporation and the customer base.   Communications, knowledge, and opportunities move across it every hour of the day.  Properly chartered, built  and equipped for the load, the contact center is the decisive point in the company’s strategy for long-term prosperity and market leadership.

As with any bridge, the foundation and design of the approaches and exits are crucial to the smooth flow of traffic.  Structural and/or operational obstructions and weaknesses can turn what was meant to encourage into a bottleneck.  Blocked or discouraged, customers are turned away to seek alternative routes or even to the competition.

The Reality of Change

No customer contact center is static; change is necessarily a reality that must be confronted on an ongoing basis.  What was effective, appropriate and cutting-edge today will be obsolete in a year.  Shifts occur outside from the market-fostered expectations of the customer base as well as from inside the company.  Every technology product inherently carries a support burden, and each new release alters the picture, often significantly.    Unexamined tactical decisions about the operation of the center subtly become policy and their impact spreads.  Strategic choices made on senior levels have powerful and often unintended impacts on the effectiveness of the contact center and its people.

A Foundation for Effective Decision-Making

The purpose of a Contact Center Assessment / Review is to fully define the Current-State of a company’s customer contact center’s strategy, process, structure/people and technology suite.  While focused primarily on the center itself, the scope of the research and analysis is company-wide.  The depth and duration of the engagement can vary considerably, depending upon the client’s priorities.  At the end of the process, a detailed oral presentation of our findings and specific recommendations is delivered for the company’s Senior Management team. A written Report is submitted, together with high-level options for implementation.

For more information about what a contact center assessment could do for your company, please join us for a complimentary Office Hours discussion.  Examples of Contact Center Assessment case studies may be accessed through the following links:  (Free registration as a member and log-in is required for access.)

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  • VolterCo (Electrical systems & components manufacturer)
  • MedClaim (Medical insurance claims processing group)
  • TreeTop (Construction software company
  • CleanMail (Hosted-solution provider)