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Churn Analytics

The only “standard” to be found in the rapid proliferation of Customer Success Managers throughout the SaaS/Cloud industry is the large amount of variance between companies as to how the role is defined, equipped, staffed and managed.  Despite the differences, however, there is one point upon which everybody is in full agreement.  The core strategic purpose of a CSM / group and program is to reduce churn.  Some companies go a step further to charter the team with the additional responsibility of moving customers up the value tiers wherever possible; others do not.  But when asked for the reason for establishing a Customer Success Management program, the reply invariably is that they were concerned about churn.

Who is responsible for reporting on churn, and to whom?  How often are the reports done?  How is churn calculated?  And again, there is wide variance in the responses.  This webinar, sponsored by JBara Software, explores these questions and approaches.    To access the recording, click here.  (A short registration will be required for access.)

Customer Intelligence

The meaning is clear.  In the SaaS/Cloud business model, what is really being sold is a relationship rather than technological features & functions, and keeping that relationship profitably going for as long as possible is the core issue for long-term success as SaaS company.  But what knowledge is needed in order to keep the customer relationship going?   What does it mean to be authentically customer centric?    What is the strategy, process people and technology of customer retention and optimizing per-customer profitability? In this webinar, sponsored by JBara Software, Mikael Blaisdell and Jim Eberlin talk about what may become a new profession: Customer Intelligence.  The material was also used to create a white paper, available here to Research Members of The HotLine Magazine.  The paper is also available here on the JBara Software website.  (A short registration is required.)

No Churn:  Keep Customers and Improve Your SaaS Company Valuation

SaaS/Cloud company management teams have always recognized the economic necessity of spending a certain amount of money to acquire a customer.  Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is a standard part of the business plan.  What is not so readily acknowledged is that spending money to retain customers is also a necessary aspect of the new business model.  This was a joint webinar done with SaaS Capital’s Todd Gardner that also resulted in a published white paper, and was described in this article.  To view the webinar, click here.  To access the white paper, follow this link.

The Customer Success Management Video Series

The video series was a joint effort by DreamSimplicity and The HotLine Magazine, and includes an intro plus six short videos on various aspects of Customer Success Management.  For more information about the contents of the video series, click here.  Or, just watch the sessions directly.

* Introduction
* Origins of the Customer Success Manager
* The Levels of Customer Success Management
* Product As A Relationship
* The Customer Success Toolkit
* There Are No Lost Customers In SaaS
* Marketing Your Customer Data

Customer Success; The Key to SaaS Company Profitability

[Recorded; click here for access.] In this OpSource sponsored webinar, Mikael returns to discuss the most significant finding in The SaaS & Support Project research, the degree to which SaaS vendors tend to ignore the ownership of and responsibility for their ongoing customer relationships in their organizational structures and process. Customer retention and revenue enhancement are too important to be taken for granted. It’s time to explore a new approach.

From Subscription Income Streams to SaaS River of Profitability

[Recorded session; click here for access. Sponsored by OpSource]  In the current economic climate, the pressure is on to increase both customer retention rates and per-customer revenue. The SaaS companies that succeed in the face of this challenge will be those that go beyond subscription income streams to build a river of profitability.  Mikael Blaisdell, customer relationship architect and publisher of  The HotLine Magazine, will talk about how your company can:  Take full advantage of all seven revenue channels available in the SaaS model — Establish an effective, scalable organizational structure to deliver what customers most want to buy — Build a management technology suite that delivers actionable business information about the customer.

A Conversation About Customer Retention

[Panel presentation, SIIA On Demand Europe.  (Video recorded; for access, click here.)]  The HotLine Magazine article is here. ]    The online and on-demand world present the Application vendor with many new challenges. With the flexibility and choice of so many available solutions new methods to retain customers need to be considered.

What is the value exchange required between the vendor and customer in respect of the packaging and communication of features and value?  How is the annuity stream built and then maintained?  How do vendors make the business steps from on-premise to on-demand and not cannabalise existing customers?  What dialogue does the customer need to maintain the relationship?