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Update: Friday, September 20th, 2013

The new online home of The Customer Success Association is about to open, and all membership materials here are being transferred to the new Library there.

All current Research Memberships of The HotLine Magazine will automatically be transferred to Customer Success Association memberships for the rest of their subscription period. Associate Memberships are being discontinued.

You can still join the Mailing List here, and be automatically included in the continuing list for the CSA.

The HotLine Magazine will continue, of course, serving readers in 140 countries around the world.  The Customer Success Management Forum on LinkedIn will also continue to provide an ongoing conversation for members.

(If you’re interested in a sneak preview of the new site, here’s the link.  Keep in mind we’re still building it out, so there will be buttons that don’t work yet and functions that aren’t yet available…  [ ])