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By Mikael Blaisdell

What is the SaaS Support Model? is a question that brings visitors from around the world to The HotLine Magazine every day.  There are several variations seen in the search strings:

  • SaaS Support Structure
  • Tracking SaaS customers
  • saas customer support
  • support model for a SaaS product
  • customer advocacy and support saas

A complete answer to the question must address several vital issues.  What is the purpose (Strategy) of the support, and what services are to be offered? How will you measure the performance and the results?   Through what access channels (Process) will the service requests will be received and delivered?  What organizational structure and staffing (People) will be required?  What Technology will be needed to receive, record and resolve the incoming requests?  The visitors will often be hoping to find out what other SaaS/Cloud vendors are doing about Support.  The HotLine Magazine is the best source of information about all of these aspects, as we have focused on this area since early 2007.

For information about what SaaS vendors are doing about Support, the first Report of The SaaS & Support Project is an excellent resource.  Information about the Report may be found here; for access, you must be logged in as a Research Member.  To join, please click here.

Here are some links to articles previously published by The HotLine Magazine that address various aspects of the SaaS Support model.

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Additional information may be developed through participation in the discussions of The SaaS Support Forum.

The SaaS Support Forum

The SaaS Support Forum is a discussion area on LinkedIn where interested professionals may ask questions and share ideas.  For more information about the Forum, please click here.  Note that you must be a LinkedIn member in order to access the forum and to participate in the ongoing conversations there.


June 6, 2011